Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Way Down Hadestown

Hello there.

In less than two weeks time I will be London bound for this year's first Poster Roast, taking place on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May. It's co-exisiting alongside Camden Crawl and looks set to be another fun weekend of posters, music and cider (it's sponsored by Gaymers).

Like last year all the exhibiting artists have contributed a bit of artwork which is to be included on a collaborative poster. This will be printed live before the eyes of the Camden Arms (where the whole Poster Roast is going down). The brief this year was to illustrate your favourite dish of a roast dinner. I selected cauliflower cheese because I love the melted chesse seeping into the florets of the cauli... Sorry got carried away a bit there!

To keep the poster-orientated theme of this blog, here is a recent poster that I completed for Leeds folk promotion team Hide & Seek.

Being familiar with Anaïs Mitchell's album 'Hadestown', I wanted to illustrate the story that is told across the record. It's based on the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus embarking upon a quest to the underworld to rescue his wife Eurydice.

Naturally I wanted to create something a bit darker to reflect the story but also create a striking and intriguing image.

Now this is a tenuous link but in keeping with the roast theme, here is a logo that I recently completed for a friend's new film production company, Boo Said The Goose.

Roast goose?! Like I said, tenuous... Anyway, the chaps wanted a bold and colourful logo made up of simple shapes to give it a classic logo feel.

See you spoon.