Friday, 11 December 2009

Date w/ Ikea

Hello folks.

So, First Draft (the exhibition) happened last night and was what I would call a success. Lots of people came down and mingled and munched delicious mince pies and sipped hilariously strong coffee.

My five Ice cream man got a girlfriend, awww Matt Hodson Nic Burrows Gareth Brew Thanks to the Nous Vous for putting it all together, people who came along, plus Nic, Matt and Gaz for making my stuff look crap.

And a friendly little reminder that the Handmade Brudenell Craft Fair is going down at (unsuprisingly) The Brudenell Social Club this Sunday between the hours of 1pm and 5pm. Come along and get all those crafty Christmas presents and avoid the classic last week before Christmas feeling, where you think 'Crap! I haven't got anything, for anyone, ever', then go make some wild purchases from Amazon!

Take it sleazy

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Consul said...

I love the ice cream