Friday, 27 March 2009

Fanfare for the Common Man

G'day Its the weekend! This is something to be very excited about. I'm meeting up with an old chum tomorrow for lunch, which shall be nice as we haven't seen one another since October... In other exciting news, my good friend Mr. Rob Lynch (aka Lost on Campus) has just released a new batch of t-shirts featuring a design of mine. Apparently, they are killer, dude!

I have also completed another thing for a friend, this time in the form of a poster for Ms Gem. Prout. She does gigs in Leeds and pretty good ones at that.

So its an aadvark-type thing... Why? Well, Hot Club did a cover of the Paul Simon song 'You Can Call Me Al'. Al is very close to Alf. Alf is a rocking aadvark-esque creature from outer space. And since its Gem's birthday gig, he is wearing pants, busting some moves and sipping a strawberry daiquiri... as we've all done at birthdat parties. Just me? More things to be posted soon, including things for alphabet books, zines and the mega-awesome Old Romantic Killer Band. Enjoy the weekend y'all!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Meeting Across the River

So last night I pootled along down to the Tunng and Tinariwen gig at the Irish Centre, feeling generally quite excited. On arrival, I set up my posters along with the band's merchandise and manned the merch stall along with Tunng's tour manager.
The music from the on-stage collaboration was nothing shy of awesome. The Tunng influence on Tinariwen's African blues gave things a more contemporary feel with synths, blips and samples and went down a treat. There were loads of dancing middle-aged ladies... awesome!
On the poster side of the gig, that was also a success. I sold 35 of my little babies and even got myself a copy signed by all the bands, nice! (Apologies for the naff camera phone shot.)
So that means that they are now on sale from me. They are £10 and you can follow this link to my myspace page, where they are available from. Oh and there are only 11 left...
In other news, whilst in town on Sunday I popped in the Vans store and caught a glimpse of my flyers I did for a friend who runs a night at the Hi-Fi club in Leeds, called Silver Hips.
This night is a whole lot of fun! The music is old school hip-hop, motown and (decent) indie. There are goody bags, face painting sessions and cakes all thrown in the mix too. Basically for £3, its a jolly good night out! The link for mo info is here. Oh and I actually don't work for them...
So, more things to come soon including an aardvark having a bit of a boogie in their underwear... no lie.
+ Updated whilst on a Bruce Springsteen marathon.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Judging by the mega sun fest that is going on outside and the daffodil's that have bloomed in my garden, its fair to say that Spring has arrived. To assert this season, I felt the need to blog to the soundtrack of Rites of Spring... clever. Here is an advert that I did for Heineken that will be featuring in the Live at Leeds guide. Was a fast and fun project to work on. I have also been asked to contribute a couple of works for a new zine called Feral. The theme is animals and so I went with the classic 'what animals would say if they could...' The Feral blog is here and the facebook group here. I will reveal my submissions soon enough but its organised by Elle Teague, who is great! Her work is here. Go and tell her how great it is, oh and wish her happy birthday too. So tonight is the Tunng with Tinariwen gig and it will be undoubtedly great! I will be there along with my posters, going for the hard sell. Hopefully see you down there. TTFN

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Listening for the Weather

Spring is in the air! Just look outside, it must be true...
So the weather is good, i'm listening to the summery sounds of Bic Runga (made famous for having a song in American Pie... awesome/shame) and yesterday I printed the Tunng and Tinariwen poster for their gig at the Irish Centre on monday 23rd March.
Here is a very quick (but covers the bare necessities) process of the printing.
They just need to be signed and numbered and then they're ready for next monday, where they will be on sale from me at the gig.
If you can't make it, fear not for they will be for sale online from tuesday 24th March but basically the gig will be hilariously great, so you should go to that.
So thanks for reading and hopefully see you at the Irish Centre with your hard earned cash!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Old Boot Wine

Oh, hello there. So, I have proved to be a bad-bloggist in the past (this I believe will be my first in about a year) but I intend to right some wrongs and keep the blogging world up to date on most of the happenings in the twoducksdisco camp. As one will have gathered, I have been busy (hence, bad-blogging) for ages... I've had odd jobs all over the place but now as unemployment looms it will be nice to return to doing artwork as my primary day filler. ------------------------------------ Here are a few things to keep your eyes happy for a while. This is part of an illustration for Futuresound, who commissioned me to design a 'club card' for local alternative club and venue; the Cockpit. Type-treatment/logo for Leeds based Indie-electro lovelies, April in Paris. Front cover of an A6 booklet for Uncle Albert's (Middlesborough venue) gig listings, featuring none other than, Uncle Albert. You plonker Rodney, etc...Also, completed some posters for The Durutti Column (Factory Records) , Earth (Doom legends) and will be screen-printing the Tunng and Tinariwen 'illuminati peacock' poster, which will be nice. Those can be viewed along with most of my other posters at


Its also worth mentioning that a friend and I are putting together this little monthly subscriber podcast project, which is going to feature our most likened bands in the United Kingdom. Mainly on the underground tip of course, we have confirmed Sam Isaac and The Old Romantic Killer Band for the first show. Pretty excited about this...

You can subscribe here for that and go here for our occassional ramblings and rants... ------------------------------------

That just about brings you up to date with things, thanks for reading and go tell your friends how much fun you've had hanging out here...

This was updated whilst listening to 'Acid Tracks: The Dawn of Phychedelic Folk' by the Owl Service