Friday, 21 October 2011

The Beat that my Heart Skipped

Here is a new poster for Her Name Is Calla; a band I have known for ages and have enjoyed their music for many years. So it was nice to be hired outside of the band (by Aim Low Promotions) to continue working with the post-rock troop.

I tried to continue the theme which I established in my previous poster for HNIC by illustrating an atmospheric yet minimal scene. This design progresses from the Left Bank poster by uniting lovers and creating a romantic setting. Aww...

The line-up is sound and who knows, if you're single you could just find love there.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

When the Tide Creeps In

If you're into records and you've ever visited Leeds, then chances are that you've been to Jumbo Records. I have picked up some amazing vinyl from there over the years and am always appreciative of the helpful and friendly staff.

I got an email from Ellen and the Escapades last week, asking for a last minute poster design for their in-store performance as part of Jumbo Records' 40th Birthday celebrations, which also coincides with Ellen's last single release. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and came up with this little poster.

It all starts at midday this Saturday (22nd) and if you're in Leeds, you'd be daft to miss it. My chums in Lanterns on the Lake are also playing, as is Corrine Bailey Rae and the ever-reliable Serious Sam Barrett.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On and On

Here is a new t-shirt that I designed for Leeds-based folk-rock dudes Fossil Collective.

The specifications for the design were to include a stag and that was about it, so it was a fun project in which to interpret in my own style. I decided to develop the stag's antlers to create a constellation, adding a grand feel to the design - reflecting the grand sounds of the band.

Here is the video for the track 'On and On', which was put together by Broken Pixel, who has recently collaborated with my good friend Graham 'Army of Cats' Pilling on this Opera North promotional short.

Myself and Graham will be running a print workshop in November at WYPW, Mirfield. More details on that to come soon.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Gracious Tide, Take Me Home

When asked by Lanterns on the Lake to design a whole new range of merchandise for the forthcoming autumn and winter months I got very excited about creating something for a band I'd admired for a long time. You're Almost There by Lanterns on the Lake

Their debut LP 'Gracious Tide, Take Me Home' was used as the main theme for the designs and we decided to explore the themes of being lost at sea and trying to feel connected with a world in which we are not familiar with. You can see the full range in their Big Cartel store, as well as a poster of the same design. Hopefully we'll be able to reveal more designs as and when they are printed but rest assured, there is more to come.

They're about to go on tour around the UK with Yann Tiersen and then do their own UK jaunt, as well as a trip around Europe, so if you go out to see them, then do be sure to pick up some new threads to keep you warm in these cold months.