Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Major Leagues

Hello. Hi

Recently, Harry (ex Old Romantics / current Dinosaur Pile-Up) Johns came round to my house desperately needing a super-quick poster doing for a show he was promoting. Whilst he was over he discussed that his new band (Wingman) needed a shirt doing and if I'd like to lend a hand. The brief; "we like bears and skateboarding, anything with those things would be rad!"

I love it when I don't have to think too much about a design...

They will be for sale this Friday from the Wingman Super Party, which looks amazing and door fee's go to the British Heart Foundation. You'd need a good excuse not to go...

I won't be there as I'll be in London after watching Pavement the night before. I think that's a pretty good excuse.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Don't Look Back

Hello all. Hope life is good not gloomy.

So the bank holiday weekend of May was one of celebration and joy. I went down to Camden to exhibit my screen-printed wears at Poster Roast / Camden Crawl.

As expected, it was great fun; hanging out with my cuz, getting to see old friends and making new ones and a fair bit of drinking... Here are a few photos by the brilliant Owen Richards from the exhibition that took place at The Black Heart pub.

Some of Adam Pobman's, Luke Drozd's posters and mine (this picture was taken by me, I don't want you to think that Owen took this duffer...)

Some of Chris '3D Glasses' White's posters

A massive thanks goes to Chris and Alex for putting the whole thing together. I can only begin to imagine the amount of hard work and effort that went into organising the event.

They have also been struck with some bad news this past week, that their cat had been knocked down by a vehicle and the vet's fees are going to be slightly insane.

To help them out, you can go the 3D Glasses shop and buy one of the limited edition posters (pictured above), which features artwork from myself, Chris and Alex, Drew Millward, Graham Pilling, Dan Mumford and many more.

Back to Camden and I did actually get to see some bands. Five in fact. Though four of them were from Leeds, oh well... I did however get to see the mighty Teenage Fanclub who loved the posters that I screen-printed for them, which co-incidently are now on sale from my Big Cartel shop.

This is my view from the side of the stage at Koko and pretty terrible photos

And these pictures are by Berto Garcia, whose magnificent capturing of the Camden Crawl weekend can be viewed here.

So as you can see that it was quite some weekend, thanks to everyone involved.

On to the next big thing and at the end of this month I am going to be exhibiting some work at The Riverside in Sheffield, which promises to be quite exciting. I think I may do some new work for that, if I can find the time.

Here is the poster by the brilliant Sarah Abbott, who is curating the event, so thanks to her for inviting me.

I have so much new stuff to post here this week to let you know that I do actually do some work but thanks for reading all of this, hope you found it interesting and insightful or just enjoyed the pretty pictures.