Thursday, 27 August 2009


G'day. Here is a quick-ish illustration that I done for Radio 1 approved Belfast dance-punks Not Squares. The illustration is based on Robert Crumb's Mr Natural character, except I got him drunk and convinced him that his almighty beard was a musical instrument and here he is trying to play it... Good luck buddy!

This was done on tracing paper and will be inside one copy of their debut single, 'Aye Yo Pa'.


Monday, 17 August 2009


A couple of months back I received an email from Jo Tubelord, pitching to me a rather interesting project in which he wished for me to be a part of. At first I was going to sack it off but he did put 4 x's at the end of said message and i'm a sucker for the digital love.

The challenge that lay ahead of the band was to assign a set amount of 7" sleeves to a bunch of 'art weiners' for their upcoming single 'Propeller' and so I took 30 of 500 to help out.

After receiving my 30 sleeves in the post along with a heart breaking tale of a moose who whilst out on a casual jog falls in love with a bear yet never gets the beautiful ursidae, who is oblivious to the poor moose's affections resulting in loss, confusion and resignition of chasing an impossible zeal.

With the above story as inspiration I created my image which I chose to screenprint across the 30 sleeves and the below pictures document the process in which the sleeves were printed...

The sleeves, awaiting their fate (plus killer mug). The acetate for the first layer of my print. The first colour (metallic gold) being printed. The gold layer complete. The acetate for the second layer of the print. Second colour (intense pink) being printed Both colours down, drying and looking like a delicious army! The final sleeve. Hopefully that has shed some light on the screenprinting process and how my sleeves for 'Propeller' were put together.

If you want to see more fricking ace sleeves for this project then head over to the Rainboliatric blog. There's some seriously great work there, so go, go, feast your eyes!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Stars Are Projectors

Good day. Quick update with some fresh new t-shirt designs of the one-colour variety.

First up is a design for pop-punkeroos The Auteur. This design gives light to the mystery that surrounds as to why cats have such bad breath... Secondly is a slightly 1960's Batman inspired picture for Kid Cosmic, of some innocent little dude on a gameboy... uhh, thats it. KAPOW!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

When Day Chokes the Night

Hello. A while back I was asked to do some design work for a new pub that is opening in Brixton later in the year. I came up with some rough drafts and turned out they love wolves and were happy with what I'd sent them, which was cool. So today I was in Nation of Shopkeepers (a rad little bar in Leeds city centre) when on picking up a little zine / listings I discovered that very logo on a half page spread, sick! So that was a nice little surprise before I went and spent a small fortune on groceries in Sainsburys...

That's it for now, hopefully soon I'll be able to show you something I've done for everyone's fave Kingston-based rapscallions, Tubelord.

Over and out.