Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hit the Switch

Hi folks

Another spell of quietness from me for which I must apologise but it was due to organising a massive poster exhibition as part of Poster Roast Leeds at Constellations festival. It was a lot of great fun and a photo-filled blog is being assembled to document the madness and will hopefully be presented to you early next week!

To keep your eyes satisfied until then, here are a few pieces of work that have recently been signed off, the first being for Leeds City Council. I was asked to create a series of posters for LCC who promote Christmas Light 'switch on' events around Leeds' many boroughs, including Morley, Pudsey, Rothwell, Yeadon and pictured is the Farsley version.

I was also asked by a Leeds-based badge making company called Beardo Badges to create an identity for their new badge-venture (sorry). Being bearded and having been a resident of Leeds for 7 years (alas, no more) I jumped at the task and created a simple one-colour design for the company.

And finally a company who I have worked with very closely for the past few years (because they do great charity based work) asked me to create a design for a new fund-raising promotion of theirs.

The company being We Heart Arts (I have also created their new logo on the site) have come up with the concept to print limited edition posters for local up-and-coming bands. The first band in the series are Our Lost Infantry and below is the design.

If you fancy purchasing one of these and helping out a really good cause, then follow this link and get involved.

So there are more things to come but I have made an executive decision to limit the content of these blogs, otherwise your head would probably explode. And we wouldn't want that...