Monday, 2 May 2011

The Crawl

Here are some pictures from this past weekend's Poster Roast at Camden Crawl. The weekend was amazing (as expected) and great to hang out with all the poster wieners again.

My posters [I Like Trains / The Black Keys / Wolf Parade] sat in between Drew Millward's and Diego Mena's.

L - R :: Andy [Tape Ears], Tom Lacey and Luke Drozd.

Bobby [Telegramme]

Some dudes checking out Kate Prior, Graham [Army of Cats] Pilling and Adam Pobiak's fine craftswoman / craftsman-ship.

I forgot to get any pictures of the collaborative poster, which was screen-printed live by The Positive Press but will show & tell when I see a shot.

Big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. White at We Three Club who put the whole thing together and it all ran so smooth and as ever, was lots of fun.

Whilst I was at the Roast an old friend dropped by, which was obviously great to see him but also because he brought along some business cards that I designed for him.

We also discussed the possibility of creating moustachioed characters / objects / anything to be included across the site, with the addition being this duck:

So, lots of fun things to look forward to soon.

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