Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Go Forth & Print

On the last weekend of January 2016, myself and Graham 'Army of Cats' Pilling returned to deliver our biannual 'Screen-Printed Posters' course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

As always it was great to hang out with Graham and of course meet the 6 students, upon whom we would dispel the myths of screen-printing, teach them some new tricks and generally have a bit of fun across the two day course.

The course is designed to give absolutely anybody a basic introduction to the skills and techniques required for screen-printing. Across the first day, the students are taught how to prepare a screen and then print a two-colour poster, which they are able to take home at the end of the weekend - a kind of certificate if you will.

The students are shown how to print using just the squeegee and their upper limbs (arms), as well as having a go at operating the screen-bed arm.

Having completed printing on day one, the students are shown how to separate layers and prepare files suitable for the screen-printing process by Graham using Photoshop. This is always a popular part of the course, as Graham offers his hints and tips and happily discusses the process of preparing for screen-printing.

The next day allows the students to print their own 2-colour poster, which they have prepared, rounding off a superb weekend of skill sharing and teamwork. Marvellous.

So if that's whet your appetite for the more physical process of printing, then Graham and myself will be returning to WYPW across the weekend of 25th and 26th of June 2016 for another instalment of 'Screen-Printed Posters', which you can book here. I hope you can join us!

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