Sunday, 19 April 2009

You Are Free

Hello. So things have been busy over at the twoducksdisco camp recently. Mainly my time has been taken up with the epic packaging for Sam Isaac's debut album. I don't think I can show all of it yet but I can tell... and its going to be awesome. 16 page booklet (all hand-written), moonpack packaging (whatever the heck that is) and lots of stars and constellations. Here is the front cover...

I also got a couple of t-shirt designs signed off last week for the awesome Mutiny on the Bounty. They're from Luxembourg and sound a bit like a proggy Cap'n Jazz... Anyways, they went with a natural disaster vibe.

New things to come soon including a new screen print for the mighty Gallows and a t-shirt version of this poster that I designed for an exhibition that i'm... well, exhibiting at.

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sophie said...

the sam isaac cover looks gorgeous!!!!!!!