Wednesday, 1 April 2009

History is made at Night

Sup. So, in a previous blog i'd mentioned that I was doing some recording with Sam Isaac and The Old Romantic Killer band plus others. It was for an exciting podcast and e-zine project thing that i'm doing with my chum Ash. Well, that went out today and I must say that i'm very impressed with it all. If you go here, then you can download it and that'd be nice. To co-incide with the podcast there is a downloadable PDF featuring original artwork by a bunch of artists including myself and here is my offering for the Old Romantics.

I also said that I was going to post another little somethin' somethin' for a new zine called Feral. My effort is a 2-page spread that features Ken, an unruly orangutan with an eye for mischief. Here he has just eaten a lemon. Like I said... unruly


Sarah Reid said...

all brilliant!! xx

Elle teague said...

yes, he is very unruly