Thursday, 3 September 2009

Lonesome Valley

I believe I promised to show you some 'funky-ass screen-prints' for some posters that I did for the Brudenell Social Club. Since I am a man of my word, here is the poster process for the Magnolia Electric Co. gig going down tomorrow night at the Brudenell.

The acetate for the white layer. Printing the white layer. White layer down. The white layer down on the two brown card variants. The acetate for the 'split-fountain' layer. Doing the splits (not literally). Testing out the split layer, to achieve an authentic looking sunset. It worked! Detail (plus look close enough and you can see the metallic gold sparkle in the top of the sunset). Not all the prints registered perfectly but I kinda like this, as it makes each print completely unique. The finished poster, on Ruby Red card. So another month, another process thread. Hope you enjoyed it again.

There will be a super-limited amount of these posters available at the gig tomorrow night from the merch stall and from Monday 7th September they will be available from my Big Cartel store. Hopefully you might want to buy one.

Tatty bye y'all!

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Very nice Cam! You are surely becoming master of the blend.