Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Carbon Dating

Hello my friends. Come in and get warm.

So its come to my attention that my blog posts of late have been on the minimal side in terms of content. Well, just to prove that I am in fact a real human being, here are a few things that I currently love:

Jon Stanley Austin

This is my friend from my Leeds College of Music days who has a little blog and has just created some amazing 3D photography, which I pretty much can't get enough of!

Jon Stanley Austin's Blogspot

100 Abandoned Houses

My next obsession is a fantastic website called 100 Abandoned Houses. Its pretty much what it says on the tin, as a chap called Kevin Bauman has gone around Detroit photographing derelict and dilapidated houses and the results are beautifully depressing / depressingly beautiful.

100 Abandoned Houses

Musically i've been enjoying plenty of things as of late but my cream of the crop award has to go to Rilo Kiley's album The Execution of All Things. This is something of a pop masterpiece but masked in a really cool indie fashion and yes, I am aware that i'm behind the times but better late than never, yeah?

So thanks for listening to my ramblings, I think I may try and do this more often... Oh and I suppose I should also show you this poster I just finished for my budsky Sam Isaac. If you are unaware, Sam Isaac (the man / the band) is breaking up! Well, he's taking some time off doing music, which is sad, sad news...

Over the past 3 years I've known Sam he has become a friend instead of a client. We hang out, play gigs together, chat on the phone, its lovely. If you haven't heard his music then you really should go and do that as he creates the most gorgeous, honest, warm pop music.

So it'll be sad to say ta ta but I hope to make it to one of these shows... and maybe you should too.

'So let's just say, so long'.


miss b said...

wonderful design as usual Mr Cam!

carmymac said...

i love the abandoned houses project; it reminds me of the burn to shine DVDs - where a bunch of bands get together to play in a derelict house before it is burnt down... the first one made me cry! here's a link: http://www.trixiedvd.com/

sophie said...

you were 100% right - this post is something i would like!! especially those houses - i love that sort of thing and so does mr gavin miller! xx p.s. been looking back through the blog to see your recent work, it's all amazing!

Cameron Steward said...

Thanks all. That Abandoned Houses project is so cool, though its certainly bleak to the max! And Carmel; thanks for the link to BTS, that looks like a great project. A bit Tapes-esque actually...

percolation said...

You should definitly check this website http://www.abandoned-places.com
many houses, buildings and factories some are really scary.
this one for exemple

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