Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Girl You Have All The Fun

Hello. A couple of posters i've just finished.

Firstly, The Old Romantic Killer Band are having a single launch in Leeds at the end of the month and this is for that. Plus I used the word 'super' twice on this poster, a personal best... I also finished a poster for Railcars who hail from San Francisco, which I hope to visit again at some point in the next couple of years... Literally being one of my favourite cities in the world! So, just a quick post this time around but new things to come soon for Never Ride wakeboards amongst other exciting projects.

Also I'm running out of interesting ways to sign off, so from now on i'll be referring to this site.



Consul said...

The use of 'super' does sound kinda faggy, Cam.


Cameron Steward said...

The day political correctness took a break...


Sarah Reid said...

love it all...xxx

Peter said...

Both of those posters are completely awesome, I wish I could go to the gigs as an excuse for getting the posters. (Although I could also use some more walls.)