Monday, 23 November 2009

You Are My Coal Mine

Good day to you all.

So Christmas is fast approaching right? And to help save you time and money i've been festive enough to put up a tasty mincepie of a sale at the twoducksdisco Big Cartel store.

Christmas presents for everyone! Hurrah!

In other news I have an exhibition coming up at The Art Market in The Merrion Centre, Leeds. Its the first installment of a Nous Vous curated event called Draft, which aims to exhibit some of West Yorkshire's finest illustrators, designers and artists.

This all kicks off on Thursday 10th December between 6 and 8pm, so come along if you can as its a one night only affair. However, if you are incapacitated for the evening then you can pop along between December 11th of 2009 and January 9th of 2010 to see the work from the evening at the Opposite Café, which is opposite the Parkinson Building at Leeds Uni.

And to round things off, here is a new poster I just completed for Oxford folk-poppers Stornoway. Toodles.


Sarah Reid said...

looking forward very much to the exhibition! xxx

TALKSEEK said...

This is awesome!

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Cameron Steward said...

Thanks Sarah, Talkseek and dating website. You're all very kind! x