Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dead Man

Wow, having a full-time job plus doing art and keeping things updated is tougher than I imagined. Though last night I had a night off from everything and watched Dead Man's Shoes and I can safely say it's one of the most moving and powerful British films i've seen in many a year. Plus the soundtrack is totally amazing!

In other news, I no have a small artist's page on the fantastic little collective No Culture Icons, which showcases an array of photographers and artists from around the world. Pretty chuffed to have been asked to submit some bits of work and you can see my little page here.

Onto a bit of work then; here is a t-shirt design that I completed last year for the children's creative arts program We Heart Arts, for which I also completed the site's header. You can purchase them over at their Big Cartel site.

Also recently completed a little logo for a chum of mine called Andy but is probably better known for being Atlum Schema and an all round good guy. Anyways, he's started this podcast / blog thing called Sheep Dressed Up As Wolves, which is very good and probably worth a listen / read.

Wow, link heavy!! There's a weekend's worth of reading for you with all those. Hope that was OK... Also, currently loving anything by The National and the OST for 'The Straight Story' by Angelo Badalamenti and reading 'High Fidelity', which is good but I wish I'd have read when I was a touch younger.

Life, comes and goes.