Thursday, 25 March 2010

We Are Underused

Hi there

First off I've been working with a chap called Tom, who is planning on launching a new fold-out zine soon. So, as well as creating the logo (above) and helping with the layout of it, I've also been interviewed and that will appear in the first issue, which will be nice.

In other exciting news, I will be exhibiting along with the UK's finest poster folk at Camden Crawl this year as part of Poster Roast 2010. I can't wait for this, as the previously attended Roast's have been lots of fun and this year looks set to be equally as amazing.

As well as displaying our lovely posters, there will be live screen-printing to give peeps an idea as to what goes on behind the scenes. The live screen-print in question will be a collaborative effort featuring a letter of Poster Roast illustrated by all the designers exhibiting. I was given the first letter, so I thought something 'interesting' was required... For more info on Poster Roast 2010, just click on this link and you'll be whisked off to a magical land full of skulls, nipples and lots more things you probably wouldn't approve of...

Hats well and truly tipped to the lovely Chris and Alex for putting it all together, it promises to be a weekend of fun, frolics and maybe a little bit of drinking. Roll on the bank holiday weekend in May, yeah!!

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