Monday, 6 December 2010

Heart Monitor


Well, it looks like the snow is starting to melt, so to keep the memories of chilly things alive the lovely folk at Roxbury Industries (who distributed Ice Cream Man for me earlier this year) have a selection of iPhone wallpapers available for download. They've been awesome enough to include Ice Cream Man in set 2 of this, which you can download here. Oh yeah, it's totally free!

Apologies for the slightly tenuous link there but moving on quickly to some new work i've finished.

First up is a new t-shirt design for old time buds worriedaboutsatan. This was a fun one to work on for a couple of reasons... It was the first piece of work i've done for the duo since their EP02 release. For this design I looked at how their music has progressed over the years and took the tree motif from the 2007 designs and experimented with new ways of presenting the old theme.

I decided to illustrate a cut tree trunk, to emphasise the 'out with the old...' theme but also in keeping with the stark nature of their sound and previous designs, I kept the design quite minimal and abstruse.

I also recently completed a logo design for a friend who is starting up a music journalism website / blog that specialises in jazz reviews.

Again. another fun one to work one as I wanted to create a subtle and delicate design yet be able to hint at the fact that Rosie's blog would be quite specialist.

Oh and one last thing before I go, since it's that time of the year again and you're probably struggling for gifts for loved ones then you can always pop over to the twoducksdisco online shop and pick yourself up a bargain there. Plus from now until the 25th of December (end of advent) you can get 20% off all orders when you put in the special promo code: ADVENT2010 (clever, huh?).

I will no doubt blog about this offer again... Thanks for reading.

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