Monday, 20 December 2010

Kindle My Heart

Good morning lovers

First thing I'm going to mention in this blog today is something that I don't often come across with my work but every now and then, something of this nature does crop up. Now this might be pure coincidence or there has been some fishy doings afoot but Amazon's recent 'Kindle' logo does appear to be quite similar to a design I did for a festival compilation earlier in the year.

It may just be me looking into this a bit much but the similarities are there, though my guy does look a bit more Iron & Wine-esque and is sans book.

I've got lots of projects that i'm sitting on at the moment and will be announcing in the new year (i'm not lazy) but for now I guess i'll just wish you a very merry christmas! It's been a great year for twoducksdisco with lots of exhibitions and screen-printed gig posters amongst making new clients and keeping busy with old ones, so let's hope that 2011 is going to be just as good, if not better.

Thanks to everybody who reads this blog, or likes my facebook group, or follows me on twitter, or browses my big cartel store. It all means so much to me. So I hope y'all have a great christmas and incredibly joyous new year!



Ian Edward Prentice. said...

I'm sure it's just coincidence mate! I remember seeing a Tshirt design in H&M (link) scarily similar to a past illustration I did (3rd one along).

Merry Christmas!

Cameron Steward said...

Hey Ian! Yeah, I mean it's close but probably not a rip... I think the H&M one in your case is closer. At any rate, i'll still probably shop at Amazon ;-P

Hope you have a great Christmas too dude!