Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Woods

Upon returning from Flatstock 33, Austin a few weeks ago, I had an email from a band called Daughter, requesting a screen-printed poster for their sold out show at the Islington Assembly Hall in London. After studying their output, I decided to base the poster on the song 'The Woods', which sets the scene of St. Christopher, searching for someone's sister in the woods. It was also important to create an environment which evoked the sparse textures used in Daughter's music. Oh, and they requested an exploding sun too!

So, after the design was approved I quickly had to book a session at WYPW to get the posters printed in time for the show and here's how the day went.

Here are the separations on acetate for the printing process.

Here is the first screen with the image burnt on (using a variety of chemicals and UV light) and you can see the cream paint on the screen, which is being pulled through the mesh of the screen to print onto the paper underneath.

Here are the sheets of paper with the first colour printed, drying on the rack.

The second screen, with the image burned onto it and ready to be locked into the screen bed.

The second colour (which was described to me as the start of a 'coral revival') being printed.

How did they turn out? Let's see...

The posters drying on the rack. Next they will be cropped on a heavy-duty paper cutter.

And here is the final poster, cropped and signed & numbered in an edition of 100.

A close-up of St. Christopher.

These posters are now available from my online store.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has given you an insight into how the posters were printed.

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