Friday, 9 March 2012

Point of Go

As I prepare for Flatstock 33 at SXSW next week, I have produced a screen-printed poster for Oxford-based 'calypso pop' band Jonquil. Point of Go by Jonquil

And what says 'calypso pop' better than a woman in a grass skirt, standing waist-deep in the sea, playing the ukelele? As always, I documented the print process with photographs. So here is a run through of how these posters were printed. The acetates of the print, laid over one another. You can see where I had to cut and arrange certain aspects of the print, to ensure tight registration during the printing process.

The first screen locked into the bed, awaiting it's orange fate.

First colour down...

The stack of posters with the first colour down.

The second screen locked in the bed with the pink, imminent.

The pink colour has been printed. How does it look...

Drying out.

Thought I'd add some extra layers to my test prints whilst I was there. Looking cool.

Here is the final print, cropped, signed and numbered in an edition of 40.

The posters are now available in my online shop;. Aloha!

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