Friday, 27 March 2009

Fanfare for the Common Man

G'day Its the weekend! This is something to be very excited about. I'm meeting up with an old chum tomorrow for lunch, which shall be nice as we haven't seen one another since October... In other exciting news, my good friend Mr. Rob Lynch (aka Lost on Campus) has just released a new batch of t-shirts featuring a design of mine. Apparently, they are killer, dude!

I have also completed another thing for a friend, this time in the form of a poster for Ms Gem. Prout. She does gigs in Leeds and pretty good ones at that.

So its an aadvark-type thing... Why? Well, Hot Club did a cover of the Paul Simon song 'You Can Call Me Al'. Al is very close to Alf. Alf is a rocking aadvark-esque creature from outer space. And since its Gem's birthday gig, he is wearing pants, busting some moves and sipping a strawberry daiquiri... as we've all done at birthdat parties. Just me? More things to be posted soon, including things for alphabet books, zines and the mega-awesome Old Romantic Killer Band. Enjoy the weekend y'all!

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Jack Noel said...

Dear Mr Disco,

I just came here via myspace via gigposters via this Hot Club poster.

It's very good, all your posters are.