Thursday, 23 July 2009


Good evening folks. So things have been traditionally busy over here at twoducksdisco studios including getting hacked and robbed (again, sigh) but retrieved (hurrah, woo)!!

Things have been poster heavy these past 2 weeks, as i've completed things for Magnolia Electric Co., Sunset Rubdown and Tiny Vipers. The latter of those can be seen below.

I'm holding off on the MEC and SR ones as they'll be appearing as funky-ass screen-prints in the next month or so. But if you do want to see them, just pop down the Brudenell...

Just a small post today but I figured it had been a while since the last. I've just signed off another poster that I'll put up next time, plus a logo for Rest is Noise, which will be appearing across various bits of promotion for Field Day... killer!

Catch you later my brother.