Thursday, 9 July 2009

Oats We Sow

Hello there. So i'm back up and armed with our familiar friend the Internet after my move deeper into Leeds' Hyde Park last week. So now I am able to show you some things that got signed off during the move.

Firstly is a t-shirt titled 'Cat Beard' for Luxembourg's indie-poppers Miaow Miaow, which essentially does what it says on the tin. Next up, the cover for Dinosaur Pile-Up's summer smashing EP. The brief behind this one was to make it look shit and nineteen-nineties, hopefully its just that.

Also to round things up, I just finished the artwork for my good friend Alex Hel. He's just about to release this debut mini-album, which promises to be loaded up with mega-pop... goodtimes!

Until next time, have a banana!


Sarah Reid said...

awesome, as always! i love the cat beard :) xx

worriedaboutsatan said...

cat beard FTW!!!!