Wednesday, 24 June 2009

S Is for Evrysing

Hello there. So apparently I'm getting better at these blog updates, latte's all round!

Firstly, i'm part of this lovely little collective known as Feral and last week I did a quick Q&A for them. You can read that here, if you like.

I have just finished a new t-shirt for Pharaohs. They're from Otford, they're really nice and sound like a poppier, brasher Bloc Party. I also recently finished a poster for a gig that promises to be a blinder.

And that's it. Currently working on things for Big Box Little Box, Alex Hel, One Of Twelve, Sam Isaac and Spaghetti Anywhere. Or alternatively; very busy...

1 comment:

jess higgins said...

sweet one, that tapes project looks NICE. i'm doing a similar (ish) thing called the bedroom broadcast, a radio show + booklet which i make with another in their bedroom after hanging out for a while. only done one thus far but it's ALOOOTTA FUN!
& i would be more than happy to contribute some art, hit me a line anytime

yep, museums can be anything, a basic simple no rules no concept show & tell. i did a zine earlier in the year which was a mixture of failure and success, way too many specifications to ease its passage, it became a major headache so a second issue was never made.
so yeah, any drawings or anythin' you've got, i'd l-o-v-e to see 'em !