Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Age of the Fifth Sun

Welcome to day three of the 'Disco Poster Week'.

Today's poster is for Irelands post-rock monsters God Is An Astronaut.

Inspiration for the poster is based on the title of their latest studio album 'Age of the Fifth Sun', which like their previous recordings has a grandeur rock feel to it, so hopefully I captured that.

So just a quick update today (I'm very busy y'see) and tonight I shall be going to my first gig in near two months; Fool's Gold at the Bodega in Nottingham. Which is great obviously but two bands who I have done artwork for will be supporting; Loose Talk Costs Lives and Glades. Jolly lovely.

Hasta la pasta.


Anonymous said...

Awesome poster Cam!! You really are super talented!!! Harriett x

Anonymous said...

Iv seen that design before....u stole it ! ha ha


Cameron Steward said...

Thanks very much Harriett. Muchly appreciated. And Mark, do you have any links to the 'original'? I'd like to see what this looks like...

Peter said...

one of my faves ever!