Thursday, 26 August 2010

Solid Ground

Good day all

So we've made it to day four. Is this going to go on over the weekend? Well, if enough people demand it, then I can make it so... Anyways, today's poster is for Chicago's mighty Maps and Atlases, who I have done not one but two posters for before, so it was nice to get to do another.

This poster is based on the lyrics 'I slept on the solid ground near your house / and the frost looked like a castle wrapped up in tin'. So there you go.

The gig should be rad too, as the lovely tropical rapscallions Loose Talk Costs Lives are playing and if they're anything as good as they were last night (when they played with Glades and Fool's Gold, who was also both utterly amazing too), then it should be a blast!

Not sure which poster to upload tomorrow. Life is full of surprises...


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really love this cam!