Monday, 23 August 2010

All Around The World

Good day all.

Recently I have been doing quite a few posters for Leeds-based promotions agency Futuresound. It's been quite an exciting past month or so completing posters; some with a week to knock out, others just a couple of days.

So with the wealth of work I've been doing I will be uploading a new poster everyday this week as part of 'Disco Poster Week' for bands such as Maps & Atlases, Frightened Rabbit, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly amongst others but today I'll unveil the poster for Leeds' very own Nu-Grunge masters Dinosaur Pile-Up.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting instalment of 'Disco Poster Week', where I will upload another poster and try to think of a better title for this process.

Stay Classy.

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Luke Drozd said...

Lovely stuff