Thursday, 30 September 2010

Love Between Men

Hi there

So first things first, I am in an exhibition that starts this afternoon (Friday 1st October, not Sept 30th as the date above suggests), exciting! Its going down between the hours of 4 and 6pm at The Triangle, 37 Exchange Square in Manchester (the arcade next to the big outdoor BBC screen and the Wheel of Manchester).

The exhibition runs throughout the week, so if you can't make it tonight you can find the opening times here.

I've also been in another exhibition this week, in Switzerland!

[edit] New official picture uploaded.

Over the summer I produced a one-off painting on a blank record cover (above) for a chap called Amos. This was part of a huge project organised by a lovely German named Gregor Samsa. Basically he sent 300 blank record covers to 300 artists to create a unique piece of art, which would go on to be included in exhibitions across Europe. My artwork is based on a song called 'Love Between Men' and painted using old acrylics from left over screen-printing sessions.

Hopefully soon my cover (along with the other 299) will be photographed and put in an online gallery, which will be nice and made available to the world.

And last things last, here's a poster I recently completed for Ellen & the Escapades EP launch show in Leeds at The Brudenell Social Club.

Ta ta.

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