Thursday, 2 September 2010

Surprise Hotel


So first off, this blog is titled for the Fool's Gold song. It's not related to anything in this post but I pretty much can't stop listening to them after last week's show... magnifique!

Anyways, so onto some work. Here is a design I recently completed for screamy scamps Rosa Valle.

This design was fun to work on as I don't get the opportunity to do many one-colour merch designs. I fancied experimenting with patterns and shapes a bit with this and trying to incorporate these elements into 'my style'. I quite like it, so I think it worked...

This week I have also been screen-printing that Wolf Parade poster. It's come out pretty intense, so I'll be putting together a vibrant process of how this went down next week! Plus still need to reveal Sky Larkin and FRabbit posters... phew.


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