Monday, 3 January 2011

Camelback Cinema

Happy new year y'all. Hope your festive holidays were warm and joyeux!

Due to the popularity of my '100 abandoned houses' post that I blogged about last year, I thought it would be worth contributing this little follow up. It's an article I stumbled across on the Guardian website and features stunning photography of a post-industrial Detroit city.

[Photograph of Michigan Central Station by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre]

It also reminds me of an incredible documentary (one of the best i've ever seen) 'Requiem for Detroit', which is all about the rise and fall of the motor city. Really fascinating and quite dark.

Anyway, on to some work. Here is a flyer / poster design I recently completed for a Leeds-based collective who show independent films at one of Britain's smallest cinemas.

I've yet to attend but will hopefully get along at some point this year. I mean tea, cake, intimate setting and independent cinema are a few of my favourite things. Here's a facebook link for more information.

More things to come soon including a screen-printed poster process (yes, another one) for I Like Trains and much, much more.


jc said...

I missed 'Requiem for Detroit' the first time round, still need to watch it, i've heard it's great.

Cameron Steward said...

Hey JC. Yeah it was brilliant, I saw it on BBC iPlayer last year. Can't find it to watch anywhere online or for sale... Shame, it deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.

Edel said...

we were seriously conidering this in the programme but we had to make a choice between that and another doc so it hasn't made the cut!

big thanks for the poster too, just what we were after!!

Cameron Steward said...

Thanks Edel. Have you seen the doc? It's very good... Glad you like the poster and I blogged the Detroit stuff un-knowing of the link with minicine... spooky.