Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Meeting Across the River

So last night I pootled along down to the Tunng and Tinariwen gig at the Irish Centre, feeling generally quite excited. On arrival, I set up my posters along with the band's merchandise and manned the merch stall along with Tunng's tour manager.
The music from the on-stage collaboration was nothing shy of awesome. The Tunng influence on Tinariwen's African blues gave things a more contemporary feel with synths, blips and samples and went down a treat. There were loads of dancing middle-aged ladies... awesome!
On the poster side of the gig, that was also a success. I sold 35 of my little babies and even got myself a copy signed by all the bands, nice! (Apologies for the naff camera phone shot.)
So that means that they are now on sale from me. They are £10 and you can follow this link to my myspace page, where they are available from. Oh and there are only 11 left...
In other news, whilst in town on Sunday I popped in the Vans store and caught a glimpse of my flyers I did for a friend who runs a night at the Hi-Fi club in Leeds, called Silver Hips.
This night is a whole lot of fun! The music is old school hip-hop, motown and (decent) indie. There are goody bags, face painting sessions and cakes all thrown in the mix too. Basically for £3, its a jolly good night out! The link for mo info is here. Oh and I actually don't work for them...
So, more things to come soon including an aardvark having a bit of a boogie in their underwear... no lie.
+ Updated whilst on a Bruce Springsteen marathon.

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Sarah Reid said...

Thumbs up to everything here, and well done on last night, it were great :D xxxx