Thursday, 5 March 2009

Old Boot Wine

Oh, hello there. So, I have proved to be a bad-bloggist in the past (this I believe will be my first in about a year) but I intend to right some wrongs and keep the blogging world up to date on most of the happenings in the twoducksdisco camp. As one will have gathered, I have been busy (hence, bad-blogging) for ages... I've had odd jobs all over the place but now as unemployment looms it will be nice to return to doing artwork as my primary day filler. ------------------------------------ Here are a few things to keep your eyes happy for a while. This is part of an illustration for Futuresound, who commissioned me to design a 'club card' for local alternative club and venue; the Cockpit. Type-treatment/logo for Leeds based Indie-electro lovelies, April in Paris. Front cover of an A6 booklet for Uncle Albert's (Middlesborough venue) gig listings, featuring none other than, Uncle Albert. You plonker Rodney, etc...Also, completed some posters for The Durutti Column (Factory Records) , Earth (Doom legends) and will be screen-printing the Tunng and Tinariwen 'illuminati peacock' poster, which will be nice. Those can be viewed along with most of my other posters at


Its also worth mentioning that a friend and I are putting together this little monthly subscriber podcast project, which is going to feature our most likened bands in the United Kingdom. Mainly on the underground tip of course, we have confirmed Sam Isaac and The Old Romantic Killer Band for the first show. Pretty excited about this...

You can subscribe here for that and go here for our occassional ramblings and rants... ------------------------------------

That just about brings you up to date with things, thanks for reading and go tell your friends how much fun you've had hanging out here...

This was updated whilst listening to 'Acid Tracks: The Dawn of Phychedelic Folk' by the Owl Service


Sarah Reid said...


I like all of this stuff a lot, but you knew that already :D


Elle teague said...

went to 'borough this weekend and saw your poster up in one of the vintage shops! yay it looked very nice