Monday, 23 March 2009


Judging by the mega sun fest that is going on outside and the daffodil's that have bloomed in my garden, its fair to say that Spring has arrived. To assert this season, I felt the need to blog to the soundtrack of Rites of Spring... clever. Here is an advert that I did for Heineken that will be featuring in the Live at Leeds guide. Was a fast and fun project to work on. I have also been asked to contribute a couple of works for a new zine called Feral. The theme is animals and so I went with the classic 'what animals would say if they could...' The Feral blog is here and the facebook group here. I will reveal my submissions soon enough but its organised by Elle Teague, who is great! Her work is here. Go and tell her how great it is, oh and wish her happy birthday too. So tonight is the Tunng with Tinariwen gig and it will be undoubtedly great! I will be there along with my posters, going for the hard sell. Hopefully see you down there. TTFN


Elle teague said...

oh you are too sweet! thank you x

Sarah Reid said...

Good work Cameron!
I am super excited about tonight :D xxxx