Friday, 19 June 2009

Just Kickin' It Like A Wild Donkey

Hello. Yes you are reading things correctly, two updates in one week! Hopefully this will keep the ever brilliant Elle off my back, haha... (oh, in-jokes don't really work on the world wide web).

Anyways, i've been really quite busy recently and out of that comes these two new posters. One for Collisions and Consequences and t'other for Trespassers William.

The Trespassers one should be emerging as a limited edition screen-print for their tour which goes down in October, more on that soon.

I also did a few designs for Leeds band Loose Talk Costs Lives a while back. They're rad, sound kinda like Maps and Atlases. You should probably go and check them out.

New things on the horizon for Grammatics and Blue Roses, which'll be nice. Plus a t-shirt for Pharaohs and still to come, the elusive Dino Pile-Up EP.

Party hard!


Sarah Reid said...


Elle teague said...

i am in total agree-ance (hope thats a word...)

FERAL said...
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FERAL said...

cam, put your interview up x

jess higgins said...

sweet posters, thanks for the rolex watch, you are linked with emily reid, non? she is a doll.

i'm starting up a wee art zine called MUSEUMS, show & tell vibe, non concept, nothing snazzy, totally back to basics (i did one earlier in the year that had rules and numbers and was such a ballache)
and yep bassically if you wanna send over any drawings that would be RADICCIO!
e-mail or somethin';