Monday, 15 June 2009

My Lady's House

Good day all. Hope lovely weekend's were had by dudes...

Quick update of something that has been done for quite some months but has picking up some online-press momentum as of late.

So, above is the design that I did for t-shirt company Pandy Cane and over the past month or so Tom (Pandy Cane founder) has sent me links to props that the design has been receiving, which are always nice to read.

There is one by Pop Culture Tees and another from Hide Your Arms. Lovely stuff.

Also, last week I completed a quick poster for Lisa Hannigan. She of Damien Rice accompaniment fame has rather gorgeous subtle and rustique folk tendancies of her own and i'm rather happy with how the poster worked out.

Stay fresh!

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Graham D Pilling said...

Lovely work as always Cam. x