Thursday, 4 June 2009

Yeah Sapphire


So i've realised that i'm pretty poor at keeping up to date with things that I do here. I can't promise they'll change but maybe...

Anyways i'm listening lots to The Hold Steady at the moment, so thats keeping me positive. And i've been working pretty hard on lots of things that are creeping along steadily.

Below is the CD cover that I did for this rad little zine called Backlash and that should be coming out soon. Its going to feature personal faves Tellison, along with The Paper Chase, Fake Problems plus some other hot stuff!

I also realised that I never poster my effort for Tapes volume 2. I got lumped with My First Tooth and came up with what you can see below.

If you want to see more of that you can head here, where you'll find the podcasts of vol. 1 -3 plus all the e-zine's too!

Cheers for reading. Coming soon, new Dinosaur Pile-Up EP art! Lightning Strikes!!!


Elle teague said...

a beauty xx

Elle teague said...
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carmymac said...

love that tapes2 image you did. i hadn't heard of this tapes thing....will go check it out now!