Monday, 31 January 2011

Chocks Away

Hi all

So if any of you happen to follow my twittering's (or tweets as they're better known) then you may have seen this painting process evole over the past week or so.

Quick back story: It's was my sister's birthday on Friday (HB sis) and I decided to paint her a picture of a few of her favourite things; baking, skydiving and moustaches.

The first stage: painting the sky gradient.

Next I taped out the shapes of the parachute and the cupcake. I just used masking tape to get fine edges and painted white onto the canvas. I then added some pink detail to the parachute and frosting to the cake.

Here is a detail shot of the cupcake after i'd painted the rest of the colour.

As with most things that I do, I like to inject some extra cute and so I decided to paint a little face on my cupcake...

And then for the finishing touches; I cut some shapes out of felt and glued them to the canvas. Here is a detail shot of the felt moustache on the cupcake and a felt cloud wandering out of focus.

So, here be the finished painting titled 'Chocks Away'. And if you were wondering, my sister loves it!

Hope you enjoyed that little process. A little bit different from my normal screen-printing ones...


Emily Reid said...

Like this lots Cameron! x

Cameron Steward said...

Thanks Emily! Hope you're well in Leeds! x